By Andy Hogue

Sibling rivalry will take a whole new meaning on Wednesday night when the Richmond Spiders come to E.J. Wade Arena to take on VCU in the Lumber Liquidators Capital City Classic. VCU Track and Field junior Nicholas Buckingham may find it hard to pick sides, given his little brother, De’Monte, plays for the Spiders.  The younger Buckingham, a freshman at Richmond, has won two Atlantic 10 Rookie of the Week awards so far this year, and is currently the fourth leading scorer for the Spiders.  Nick, for his part, competes in the 400-meter run and was on the fourth place 4x400-meter relay team at the 2016 Atlantic 10 Indoor Track and Field Championships. Nick is an Urban Planning major in the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs.

What are you feeling right now as your brother comes to play at the Stu for the first time?

It’s a great feeling. It’s nice that he stayed home; we’re both from Richmond. It’s going to be funny when he comes to VCU because it’s kind of a rivalry thing but I still want him to do well in his first game against VCU.

So, you’re rooting for VCU to win but you also want your brother to do well?

Yeah I wouldn’t mind if Richmond loses, but I’d also like to see my brother drop 15 or 16 points.

You played basketball in high school with your brother.  What made you choose track over basketball?

I started to realize I probably wasn’t going to receive any DI offers for basketball and I started getting DI letters for track so I just started pursuing track more and I started focusing more on that.

Going into this week, have you talked to your brother about how he’s feeling?

I’ve been trying to give him confidence and just do well. I want him to keep it up, because he’s got Rookie of the Week two times. I just want him to keep representing our family well. He wants to do well for my mom and for our family.

Before deciding to Richmond, did your brother have any offers that weren’t local?

In tenth grade he had one from UVA but he hurt his knee so they didn’t want to pursue him anymore. Then he had one from Rice, Butler, and East Carolina.

If you played your brother one-on-one, who would win?

He would win because he is bigger than me, but I’m still faster than he is. He’ll usually just go into the paint on me because he’s bigger than me.

How’s your mom feeling about the game?

I think Wednesday’s going to be nice for my mom. He’ll be playing and then I’m getting honored at halftime for honor roll. She’ll be a Richmond fan on Wednesday, but she was at the track meet this weekend in a VCU hoodie. You’ll probably see her with a Richmond shirt on Wednesday.